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The flagship model of the Touring range , the STELVIO 85from Ski Trab is a versatile touring ski that adapts to all speeds. On the edge of the slopes as well as on long itineraries in the high mountains, you can count on it.

With its high-quality construction, this ski has a core of 14 layers guaranteeing excellent reliability and a light ski. On the other hand, it has a progressive flex with an index of 7.0, which makes it easy to handle and to use on all types of snow. It adds Hi-Connect and No Shock technologies for vibration control which, in case of shock, ensures safe and precise turns. This model incorporates the revolutionary new Liwood Air Flex construction that improves turning ease and grip when the skis are flat.

Finally, the lightness of this ski allows for easy ascents to save juice for the descent and the 85 mm skate width allows for good flotation in fresh snow.



Construction :


  • Radius Control: the radius, as well as the flex, help to lead the skier in a turn. An innovative correlation between flex and radius makes it easier to enter the turn and improve control and exit from the turn.
  • Control Progressive Flex: the construction and the Ski Trab multi-layer technology allow a very soft flex at the extremities of the ski, making it easy to use and easy to handle, adapting effortlessly to all types of snow. In its center, the ski is firmer, offering good torsional stiffness and excellent edge control, ensuring a good grip on hard snow and ice. Towards the rear of the ski, the flex is more accentuated, so that during the loading phase, the radius of the ski works more to improve direction and control. The support has been moved forward to improve the attitude of the ski.
  • No Shock, Active Vibration Control: a strip of special lastomre is placed lengthwise between the edges and the inner structure of the ski. At the tip and the heel, the lastomre covers the entire surface of the ski. Its addition creates a damping effect that makes the ski more stable and more linear in response to external factors.
  • Hi-Connect: in order to keep the ski planit in time, we have designed a bridge that connects the two edges internally, so that it is almost impossible to line up. This special construction means that the edges stay where they should be, even after multiple impacts with hard surfaces such as rocks.
  • Liwood Air Flex: a revolutionary profile that improves turning ease and grip when the skis are flat. A unique profile only possible thanks to the multi-layer construction that guarantees solidity even when the ski core is gradually thinning towards the ends. The softer tips facilitate buoyancy and camber, excellent torsional stiffness and perfect ski control.
  • Flex 7.0